I fly Microlights and am used to short strips, I can land at airfields such as Brown Shutters and Clench Common without much strain.

What are some of the most challenging airfields in the UK for light aircraft? I'm thinking the shortest runways with the most obstacles - I would like to improve more!

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This sort of question is more interesting when we don't narrow it down to one country but have one answer per country. In that spirit, this answer is for:

United Kingdom


There are a number of airfields with very short runways, probably one of the shortest licensed runways is Netherthorpe at 382m (LDA 308m)

Unlicensed you'll have a few to pick from. Grass runway at Gloucestershire Airport is 305m


Often quoted as challenging is Barra which is the only airfield situated on a public beach.

Honourable Mention

It's unclear whether this airfield is still open, it's not shown on any guides, but one of the most challenging airfields must be Vallance-By-Ways. It is situated a couple of hundred meters from Gatwick Airport's runway. You can watch a (pretty scary) video of someone landing a microlight there.

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