Sierra Skyport

Sierra Skyport, is unlike any flight school you’ve ever seen, and they have just opened their doors for business at KMEV.

Take one step into their facilities and you’ll see the difference immediately. Gone are the beat-up Cessnas 172s and in their place are shinny new Cirrus aircraft equipped with the all the latest in modern avionics and safety features. Their ground school is taught in a modern, well equipped, multimedia classroom; and integrated into the curriculum is a full-motion Redbird MX2 flight simulator. Something else you won’t find at Sierra Skyport are instructors that could care less about your training and more about racking up hours towards their own career goals. Instructors at Sierra Skyport are interested in one thing and one thing only ... teaching you to fly.

Learning to fly isn't cheap so how you spend your money is important. At most schools, revenue is only generated when their aircraft are flying, so students are strongly "encouraged" to get as many flight hours as possible. Sierra Skyport has a different approach; they believe that many concepts; like learning navigation, communication, and avionics are better to learn in a simulator (its also a lot more cost effective for the student). Sierra Skyport thinks your actual flight time should be used as cost-effectively as possible and so students are encouraged to first master concepts in a simulator before trying it in the cockpit ... and not just any simulator, a full-motion, FAA Certified, Redbird MX2 simulator!

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