What external lights are present on a unmodified Cessna P210N "Pressurized Centurion", and where are they placed ? I've looked through the POH and searched on Google for e.g. "cessna P210N external lights", or "lights", or …, but I could not find the information anywhere, and sadly I don't have an airfield nearby where I could look at a real one.


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It varies from year to year or A/C to A/C depending on factory options, STCs, etc. Typically the P210’s exterior lights consisted of:

  • Red/Green/White navigation lights in the wingtips and tail.
  • Red omnidirectional anticollision beacon on top of vertical fin.
  • L/R wingtip white strobe lights.
  • Underwing mounted courtesy lights.
  • Cowl mounted landing and taxi lights.

See this P210N POH, Section 6: Weight & Balance / Equipment List and Section 7: Airplane and Systems Description.


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