Some time ago I've made a question involving Jetoptera bladeless propulsion, and got a comment saying they didn't know how that method of propulsion would make any difference. But I forgot to ask more specifically about said propulsion system.

So, the principle which is normally used in vacuum ejectors or aspirators is normally used to inflate the evacuation slide of an airplane, as fuel injectors, liquid mixers and myriad of other things.

Illustration explaining how the motive flow works.

The thing is that the Jetoptera's aircraft claims to use this same motive flow to produce thrust, and like any other company with a "revolutionary idea", it claims it is more efficient at producing thrust than other types of propulsion systems.

Illustration showing how the Jetoptera aircraft propulsion works More information about how Jetoptera is (supposed to work) in this video and in this video, in the original channel of Jetoptera it only show tunnel testings and gliders with two hollow boxes that you can't even tell if they're actually working.

The question:

Ignoring the claims of efficiency (maybe even the Jetoptera's case itself) and so on: would the motive flow be any good as a propulsion system by itself?

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