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36 votes

Why are dirt and bugs on an aircraft so bad?

29 votes

Why can't I build an entire jet engine out of carbon fiber?

28 votes

Can a glider make a go-around?

25 votes

If the profile of a wing pulls a plane up, why can planes fly inverted?

24 votes

Why would a glider have water ballast? If it is trying to stay aloft without an engine, wouldn't it be better to be as light as possible?

14 votes

How does the MD 900 accomplish auto rotation with the NOTAR system?

13 votes

Are there advantages when operating with CG near forward or aft limits?

12 votes

What materials are plane windows made of?

11 votes

Do pilots ever intentionally takeoff or land downwind?

10 votes

Why use plywood to hold the bearings for the airbrakes on a fibreglass glider?

7 votes

How/Where can I get additional weather information for flight planning?

6 votes

Why do parked planes lock the control surfaces?

2 votes

Why is tailwind during final approach and landing so dangerous?

2 votes

If skydivers cannot jump on a flight, what should I take care of when landing?

2 votes

How can I calculate distance based on altitude and glideslope angle?

1 vote

Is there a website similar to FlightRadar24, but showing general aviation?

0 votes

Is it even remotely feasible to turnback a single engine aircraft with an engine failure?