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Did the Stuka Ju-87 really have a radio altimeter? If so, when?
15 votes

It looks like the actual date is 1942. The 'Nachtschlachtgruppen' aircraft were given Ju 87 D aircraft with numerous upgrades including the FuG 101 radio altimeter. This would make sense because to ...

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Is there a time limit for a line-up and wait?
4 votes

The exhaust temperature of a jet engine is more than adequate to melt asphalt. But the real answer to this depends on several factors Engine mounting Engine idle speed Bypass ratio Exhaust exit angle ...

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Can large airliners such as a 747 maneuver without electricity?
1 votes

Specifically speaking, no they cannot. However, most planes carry a generator that is powered off the wind, and thus the planes forward momentum. This allows the plane to be flown without a ...

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