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Does a Mach 1 plane hear a sonic boom from a Mach 3 plane overtaking him?
5 votes

Both planes would create a sonic boom. The boom is a pressure wave. The pressure wave is not aware of the relative speed of the two planes. The slower plane would hear the boom when then cone ...

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Why do police helicopters always fly in circles?
4 votes

Often the police helicopter is out looking for the target. A circle is a search pattern. News typically has a known target they just need a shot of.

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How high does a F35B Fighter (whilst hovering) have to be to see the earth rotating at 1000/mph?
3 votes

At an absolute fixed position you would see the earth move at 1 inch altitude. But you would need to traveling 1000 mph relative to the surface of the earth to hold a fixed position relative to the ...

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What were to happen if deicing fluid went in to the jet-engine?
2 votes

It would not explode it would combust. It would combust at a different rate from jet fuel but unless it was at large quantities (like in the fuel not just sucked off the plane) it should not cause ...

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Why do landing gear tires smoke upon touchdown?
0 votes

It is kind of the reverse of burning tires on a car. There is a limit to static friction and tires spin. Even when they spin there is kinetic friction. When the tires spin they get hot from friction ...

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Would it be feasible to develop a dirigible-based refueling station for fighter aircraft?
-4 votes

You mean a dirigible as in lighter-than-air aircraft? So it has a long loiter time - it has to get the load up there A lighter-than-air aircraft is not designed for a payload Nitrogen is about 5....

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