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37 votes

Was a six-engine 747 ever seriously considered by Boeing?

27 votes

Are large jet turbofans so easy to spin?

23 votes

Is there an example of a classic aviation engineering moment when engineers had to discard all their work due to the wrong approach?

22 votes

How did aviation industry come to know about the drastic difference in air pressure in high altitude?

16 votes

Why do airplanes bank sharply to the right after air-to-air refueling?

15 votes

Would a stationary WWII fighter fall on its nose with full throttle and brakes on?

15 votes

How complete is our understanding of lift?

14 votes

What is an afterburner and how long can a jet fly on afterburner?

13 votes

Is it possible to upgrade a Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A380's engines for greater speed?

13 votes

Does windmill restart often work for airliner engines?

12 votes

Why does each fan blade have a different mass and frequency?

10 votes

Why bother having different engine options on one aircraft?

9 votes

Why do turbofan blade tips exceed the speed of sound while prop tips should not?

8 votes

Can the landing gear be pulled up while the plane is on the ground?

7 votes

Is all jet fuel the same?

6 votes

Why do airlines seem to go out of business suddenly?

5 votes

Are general relationships between MTOW and OEW valid for novel configurations?

5 votes

What is the advantage of the blisk design in the new Trent XWB engine?

5 votes

Why don't B747s start takeoffs with full throttle?

4 votes

What is the certification process for a new propeller blade design?

4 votes

What are the indications that your turbofan engine has "thrown a blade?"

3 votes

Why are test crashes not made harder on the airframe?

3 votes

Why does it take so long to develop a passenger aircraft?

3 votes

Do turbofan engine cowlings dilate during spool-up?

2 votes

Could turbine or compressor stages of a jet engine be switched off to improve fuel efficiency?

1 vote

Why are the fan blades mounted loosely?

1 vote

Why are the Boeing 747-8 engines on the wings spread apart?

1 vote

Flex temperature isn't actually "fooling" the FADEC, right?

0 votes

Why do airplanes use an axial flow jet engine instead of a more compact centrifugal jet engine?

0 votes

Why is TOGA thrust 'never' 100% N1?