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11 votes

How do jet engines generate electrical power?

6 votes

Do modern aircraft still use load bearing ribs in wing construction?

5 votes

Will getting a 4-year degree actually make a difference?

4 votes

What are those white things on the windshields of most Citation jets?

3 votes

Under which circumstances were 727s or 737s used for long-haul flights?

1 vote

Do symmetrical airfoils generate induced drag?

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How do the orientation of spars and ribs affect the aerodynamic efficiency of wing?

1 vote

Projected Area & AoA - Projected area of the wing is variable (as projected on to a surface that is perpendicular to the relative wind)

1 vote

How to choose an attack angle?

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Why does lift coefficient not change with velocity in inviscid flow?

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Why does the leading edge vortex accelerate the flow downward?