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Marlin May
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Web / AR Software Engineer - I add value, I innovate, I save money, I increase human productivity by designing, coding and deploying internet / intranet delivered tools which are firmly grounded in HCI research and focused on improving business processes. In short, I create software tools which decrease man-hours and help people to do their jobs better.

I'm interested in work environments, in the Renewable Energy Industry, where I can apply...

  • My extensive applications development skills
  • My expertise in user interface design
  • My intense interest in developing Augmented Reality Systems and Environments
  • My diverse skills in interactive media design

...creating innovative, human centered projects which save my employer money, improve the work lives of my coworkers and accelerate the widespread deployment of renewable energy systems before it is too late.

Expert Skills: Business Process Automation, End-To-End Web Application Development Including UI/UX, C#.Net, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Classic VBScript, CSS, Google APIs, Digital Videography, Video Editorial, VRML, Telecommunications Policy Analysis, Web Video.

Intermediate Skills: MSSQL, SSIS, SSRS, HTML5, Java, Augmented Reality

Beginner In: PHP, Objective C, Unity

Current Courses: Stackskills - Python, PHP, AngularJS, Git, AWS Unity3d - Objects/Components/Prefabs/Physics/Scripting

Currently Reading: Business Model Generation, Out of Our Minds, Photovoltaic Design and Installations

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