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64 votes

Why do fighter jets still have guns/cannons?

53 votes

Why do model aircraft fly and maneuver so differently from real aircraft?

39 votes

Why does "no aircraft cross directly over the pole"?

36 votes

Why are predator drones being used over civilian California?

18 votes

How does new media streaming technology equate to fuel cost increase?

11 votes

How did planes measure their speed relative to the ground before GPS?

10 votes

Why is 121.5 called "guard"?

6 votes

What was the inflight entertainment in the early seventies?

5 votes

Why did the backup landing gear deployment fail on LOT 16?

5 votes

Why don't airplanes have smoking cabins?

5 votes

Why is the front section of the Su-30 not aligned with the longitudinal axis of the body?

2 votes

Why are dirt and bugs on an aircraft so bad?

1 vote

How are wind tunnels used with scale models?

-1 votes

Why wasn't there a belly gunner on the B-25 Mitchell?