Steven J. Selcuk

Who is that guy? 🤔 I am a Software developer 👋🏻 and I love to develop iOS & macOS applications with Swift. But wait I am specialized in JavaScript and React, and Express.js (Node.js) as well as React Native. My tech stack 👉 Node.js- React, React Native, Styled Components, SASS, Electron, Graphql, Apollo, and MongoDB. By the way, I have worked Python, Ruby On Rails, MySQL, and PHP with Laravel too, if you are interested.

What is the difference between other devs? 🤔 Well, I have a huge and unique skillset like digital marketing, automation tools, graphic design, illustration, prototyping (ask for Dribbble profile), filmmaking (TV commercials, youtube ads too ). I have excellent troubleshooting, fixing technical debts, providing best practices code examples, mentoring developers, communication, and teamwork skills. There is more. Unique one. I have an aerospace background with bleeding-edge R&D experiences over than 5-year of experience in leading teams.

Finally and which is most important I think, I am an entrepreneur. I have several startups and pet projects in different industries with exceptional know-how.

Currently, I develop iOS apps for General Aviation 🛩 and filmmakers. 🎥

At a glance my works 👉 on Notion

My Github account 👉 https://github.com/stevenselcuk

My App Store Profile 👉 https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/selcuk-dolapci/id1509031121

My Tabby Cat 🐈 👉 https://tabbythecat.com

That's all! Thank you. Drop a line and let's meet 🙌

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