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Can the guard frequency be used by non-aircraft / general public?
14 votes

As a former FAA ATC'er, National Association of Rocketry high-power Level 3 certificate holder, and the facility approver guy for high-power rocketry waivers in our facility airspace, if you are in ...

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What would cause an abrupt increase in engine noise after takeoff on the Boeing 737-800?
5 votes

I experienced the same thing. As I was deplaning, I asked the F/O who was standing in the cockpit doorway. He stated that the airline had an agreement with the engine manufacturer that required a ...

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Hear-back/Read-back errors: ATC or Pilot responsibility
4 votes

I spent many years in ATC quality assurance. It is a joint responsibility for the controller to issue a valid clearance and ensure the pilot reads it back correctly, and for the pilot to hear the ...

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What is the reason behind updating the radar tracks on the CWP in chunks instead of updating them all at once?
3 votes

I cannot comment on Eurocontrol radar display systems, but in the US, radar data processing is divided into 10NM squares called sort cells. Each sort cell has a preferred radar, normally (but not ...

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Does ATC hear the same poor audio I hear on LiveATC?
3 votes

ATC antenna placement and frequency assignment go through an extensive analysis process that looks at the targeted airspace volume to ensure satisfactory radio coverage. The analysis also looks at ...

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What type of chart is displayed on ATC radar screens?
1 votes

In the US, enroute ATC facilities use a combination of public and proprietary data. Airports, low altitude routes, and high altitude routes are drawn using publically available information. Sector ...

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What are some examples of holding?
0 votes

Published holding us easier for both the pilot and ATC, but sometimes impossible due to a weather system impacting arrival routes. Plenty of non-standard holding is issued as published patterns are ...

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