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Who is Matthew?

Matthew Borg Carr is a multi-degree holder disciplined in various professions and niches. He's a B1 Licensed Aircraft Engineer, an impeccable website and software developer and a successful entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. Matthew a Maltese national where he has spent most of his entire life and acquired his numerous degrees. Matthew boasts of certificates and licenses that cut across different niche which includes an International Diploma in Computer Science, Master in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and a BTEC National Diploma in Aerospace Engineering amongst few other qualifications.

Matthew can be described as a great team leader and problem solver; he employs these skills in moving any organisation forward. He has kick started various brands and ventures that are poised at meeting client’s requirements and providing optimal satisfaction for them. His in-depth knowledge and experience on various niches make him one of the most talented young persons in Malta. Matthew has overseen different projects both for personal purpose and business purposes and has proven beyond any doubt that he's an achiever. One of the skills that has worked well for him to date is his impeccable time management skills and the ability to drive teams to achieve goals. The Maltese born aircraft engineer, software developer, and experienced entrepreneur boast of fluency in three different languages – English, Maltese and Italian. He's enthusiastic about keeping up with new trends and technologies in the industry and this has helped him stay relevant to date.

Matthew has been the brain behind mainly thriving brands and ventures in Malta, either as the founder and sole proprietor or as their software developer. These ventures include; MyHurryApp, MBC Byte Code, MBCPrint, Deloitte Digital (Software developer) amongst others. He has also practiced his profession as an aircraft engineer with Lufthansa Technik Malta Ltd., where he worked as an Aircraft Inspector – making sure quality standards are at their best, a Team leader and B1 Licensed Engineer – type rated on the Airbus A330 and A340, and also an aircraft technician respectively.

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