Léa Gris

I am a IT professional with 30 years of experience.

I have met with technology generations and adapted to what came up available and was appropriate to solve current problem. So I will not list everything I played with.

I started with mini-systems Bull DPS-61, IBM-36, Nixdorf Quatro, reel tapes, chain printers, tiny emerald/amber monochrome monitors, heavy-duty hardware, keyboards that would break your feet if it felt on it... and am now with system administration, intelligent monitoring software with LiveMon.

Although I tend to invest more time in proven tech like Unix/Linux rather than the newest shiny. I have been tech and support all the way to now, because I like it. I like being helpful and increasing my own knowledge.

I prefer open-source over closed source solutions but will pick whatever is good if I have good reasons.

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