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How do I explain what makes an airplane fly to a non-technical person?

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Why are dirt and bugs on an aircraft so bad?

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What security clearances does a foreign citizen doing a flying course in the United States have to pass?

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Would connecting propeller blades with a continuous ring reduce induced drag?

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Flight Level Change or Vertical Speed - When to use it?

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Is someone holding an EASA PPL (A) allowed to operate a "November" registered aircraft in Europe?

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G1000: Is it possible to balance the radio volume for pilots and passengers?

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Is there a dedicated emergency frequency?

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Is English sufficient for international aviation?

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To receive an SVFR clearance, does the airport need to be reporting IFR conditions?

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Is there anywhere I can pick up raw flight data recorder information?

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What is the procedure to climb and level off using a Bendix/King KAP140 autopilot?

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Should you wait to switch to the ground frequency until after crossing a runway?