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Nick Dickinson-Wilde
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Self-taught coder I am currently focused on web development - CSS, (x)HTML, Javascript and PHP.

Email: [email protected] (warning: I may ignore any questions that should be posted on to the site instead)

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Also sometimes do poetry:

I stare at the nearly blank screen
empty lines waiting to be populated
xhtml syntax is so nice and clean

so different and yet so much the same
slowly it took shape and got ready for fame
what started as a first step back in 89

the web flew free an amazing 20 years ago
four prior years of development and then it was a go
just a title, content entry and a page was fine

by the end of the year 500 sites were live
now there are 630 million 741 thousand 855
and the web is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds

it has evolved far far from its meager start
growth has been so fast it wants a logarithmic chart
no longer one almost plain text language

now to write a page I must choose
which of the many doctypes will be best to use
I’ll want RDFA if I am integrating with social media

no longer just html version one
learning each new language is just so much fun
some languages have died and been superseded

they live on in carefully maintained archives
they linger on in forgotten dust coat hard drives
indeed CERN has resurrected the very first public website

I always use two languages at least
css can make everything a visual feast
while html provides the bones

I always follow the standards the doctypes supply
I treat the the IETF RFCs like gods up on high
I’ve got the w3c validators on my bookmarks toolbar

I code freehand just me and the code
Nothing that might obfuscate any node
Gives me power and control

I'm no good at French but hey
I'm fluent in
css one two and three
the awesomeness that is php

One day I'll learn French but for today
I'm happy to play with sql tables
they are fun just like good fables

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