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What is the longest distance at which an aircraft can be visually identified?
4 votes

As you can expect for a question of this nature, it depends. Atmospheric condition are a big factor, in hazy conditions you can't see as far. Background and altitude are other factors. It is easy to ...

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Can military personnel land their own private aircraft at military bases?
2 votes

Yes, military personnel can apply for a Civil Aircraft Landing Permit for official business.

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Is it possible to use normal headphones for passengers in a light aircraft?
1 votes

Yes, it is possible to cobble together some sort of headphone system, but another consideration is whether or not these unapproved systems will damage the aircraft radio system. Audio systems are ...

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How can I find telephone numbers for FAA ATC facilities?
0 votes

The FAA digital products page that JScarry linked to needs some explanation of how to find the phone numbers. It took me a while to find where the phone numbers are located. Go to the Browse Airports/...

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