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10 votes

Why do airlines seem to go out of business suddenly?

7 votes

Why are aircraft parts built in different places and assembled in one?

6 votes

Why do NOTAMs consist of code instead of plain language?

5 votes

Can a private pilot refuel his small private airplane internationally without passing through immigration or customs?

4 votes

Why do Western aircraft manufacturers use FPS system while Russian aircraft manufacturers use MKS system for flight instruments?

3 votes

Is it possible to communicate an everyday computer with the ARINC bus?

2 votes

Why is AVGAS so much more expensive than car gas?

2 votes

How can I convert a Peruvian pilot's license to one that will let me work in the USA?

2 votes

Why doesn't the Tu-154's center engine have a thrust reverser?

1 vote

What is the official unit of airplane/aviation speed?

1 vote

How long will an aircraft need to fly before it can land without dumping fuel?

1 vote

Why was the A380 built with a gull-wing design?

0 votes

Would a piston or turbine engine be best suited for a small UAV flying 8000miles?

0 votes

How do you use a flexible drive shaft?

-1 votes

Was the adoption of conventional tailplanes as 'everyday aircraft' inevitable, or are there other designs that can be just as good?