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憐我昨天 伴我來年
一朝一夕 便是家園
離愁漸遠 迢迢不斷
來日方長 且看何緣

Previously a programmer, spent way too much time in chat, active during 2014-2015. For various reasons, no longer active here. Currently not actively looking for work, but if you have a project that you think will interest me, feel free to pitch it. As long as you are serious and have passion, I will (probably) help you make it.

もしも、ほら 鏡を望んでつぶやく
でもね、そう 自分を好きになりたいよ
憧れから始まる… きっと
(2-dimension 「parade」より)

Find (and get in touch with) me:

Twitter: Unihedro
Discord: Uni☆#3999
お題箱 / odaibako: https://odaibako.net/u/Unihedron

Thanks for your hard work~

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