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1 vote

How does the RQ4-Global Hawk improve stability?

2 votes

Is drag the only aerodynamic force that acts upon an asymmetric body (a glider in particular) travelling through the air?

0 votes

Limitations of bird flight as an aircraft design

2 votes

What is this transport aircraft, and why does it sometimes cary an air data boom when the Soviet Buran Space Shuttle is on top of it?

4 votes

What flying machine is this model?

2 votes

What risks come from passengers taking baggage during emergency evacuation?

4 votes

Does a Mach 1 plane hear a sonic boom from a Mach 3 plane overtaking him?

11 votes

Why aren't planes loaded from both ends?

6 votes

Why not mount airliner jet engines above the wings?

3 votes

What information on a specific flight can be retrieved?

-1 votes

Can I use a 150mw green laser to scare pigeons and not interfere with air traffic?