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Why do airlines follow these routes between Barcelona and Düsseldorf?
15 votes

While DeltaLima's answer is very good, it is also due to Air Traffic Control limitations-- you want to spread out where the traffic is across the whole airspace, so routes may dogleg left or right at ...

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When is an aircraft cleared to land?
12 votes

Also, in the USA, landing clearance can be given to multiple aircraft at once for the same runway- eg. "JetBlue 1203, number two following an Airbus A320 on a two mile final, wind 260 at 8, runway 22 ...

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How does the mounting location of a jet engine affect aircraft performance?
11 votes

Generally there are 3 engine placements: In the tail, on the fuselage in the back, or under the wings. I'll go over the pros and cons of each. On the tail Pros Not many pros, except that it lets ...

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When should an Obstacle Departure Procedure (ODP) be used?
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I'd recommend reading this link: Obstacle Departure Procedures. Seems to have the answer you're looking for: in short if you are IFR you must fly the ODP unless you meet one of the alternative ...

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