Sierra Air Center

Accountable Manager of Sierra Air Center CRS K56R207Y.

This facility provides Avionics service to Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, and to the local Part 91, 135, and 121 operators.

42 years of Aviation experience in all areas, RPV/UAV, CIA stealth, NASA, Air Transport 15 years, Part 25 aircraft 12 years - the rest just learning - avionics from autoland CATIIIC to Weather Radar - and everything in-between. Aircraft from Citabria to MD11 and B757 - supported GE Flight Test in Mojave for 3 years - even fixed their autopilot in the 707 - it was inop for 2 years prior - for those "in the know" the fix wasn't hard, the transmitter for the horizontal stab was only off by 120 degrees.

Contributor to the Ergonomics of NexGen - otherwise known as the 'Nintendo' generation - don't forget your basic piloting skills - go fly inverted in a Citabria (with an aerobatic instructor first) - it may save your life, even if you fly the heavies.

Sometimes, you only get to make a mistake ONCE - for those in Maintenance: Do it Right the first time - no shortcuts, and keep those wire crimpers calibrated.

Safe Flight to ALL - and Enjoy Aviation!!!

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