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I'm a software developer with more than two decades of professional experience in a variety of industries. I've spent the majority of my career on database-backed Java-based web applications, including the unavoidable ancillary languages/technologies/markups: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, SQL, XML, *nix shell scripting, and so on.

I recently joined the Community Engineering team at DataStax. I'll be focused on DataStax Desktop.

I also have real (professional) experience developing in PHP, pre-.NET Visual Basic, and Pascal (via Borland Delphi), but it's been years, so I'm not sure how much I trust my memory. :)

I have more casual, limited exposure to C/C++/ObjC and a variety of other languages, but I haven't spent any time developing with those professionally.

Outside of my work experience: as of this writing, I'm 39, married 15 years, with a two beautiful and hilarious daughters, ages 6 and almost 2. I'm a huge nerd with a thing for fast cars, alpine ski racing, home theater, and taking pictures of my daughter. I dream of someday having the financial wherewithal and scheduling flexibility to pursue these interests more seriously. For now, I dabble and speculate.

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