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I'm co-founder & CTO at Funeral Marketplace, a B2B2C online marketplace connecting every player in the funeral industry. I'm also head of software development at CONVELA and have my own little development studio for side projects: ögli{codes}.

I've started out as project manager building a little app with my uncle; then began developing for iOS my own (for iPad using Obj-C at the time); made some iPhone and iPad apps (Swift).
Eventually we founded the Funeral Marketplace, for which I led the iOS development (Swift) and managed the web (react.js) & backend (php, laravel) development. I then began developing for the frontend and backend as well, while also building my knowledge in server-side swift using the Vapor framework making me full-stack.


Stack Overflow to me, means endless possibilities. I feel like I can do anything using all the never-ending source of knowledge people share on SO. I am #SOreadytohelp because I want to give back exactly what I got and much more. I want to share my knowledge as much as possible to help people around the world progress and create beautiful things.
I want to thank Stack Overflow for teaching me to code & helping me out every day.

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