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I'm a software engineer, currently working in 100% remote for SitePro as a senior full-stack software engineer. I work on a wide range of aspects across several programming languages: front-end web, back-end web, SQL, Internal and Customer facing RESTful APIs, Websocket Servers and Clients, Redis, remote control, automation, etc.) Lately most of my work has been in C# (.Net Framework, LINQ), Vue.js, Javascript, and Typescript; but I have substantial experience in several other languages (C, C++, Java, Objective C, Swift, Python, and HTML) as well as familiarity in others (Matlab, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, etc).

I originally discovered StackOverflow while looking for help for a couple issues and from there I've expanded to several of the StackExchange site.

I like to help people out whenever I can - so I try to answer any questions I see that I'm fairly certain I know. This has led me to mainly sticking around the Stack Overflow, English Language & Usage, and English Language Learners sites.

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