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How do airliners get from the factory to the client if the aircraft does not have the required range?
17 votes

I flew in a brand spanking new Airbus A320 on its maiden voyage from Toulouse, France to New York about 13 years ago. We had to stop in Iceland and Newfoundland for fuel before heading to New York. ...

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Why are older airplanes still in use?
11 votes

I own a 182 from 1976 and it looks brand new. It's a common misconception that planes don't oxidize; they do. Aluminum does have it's own form of "rust". Airplanes that are on the coasts usually ...

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Can one purchase a Cessna 182JT-A although it has not yet been certified?
1 votes

They did have an engine out failure about a year ago which set everything back a bit. They've had it at Osh a couple of years now. Two years ago they were saying around the end of '14 beginning of '...

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How thoroughly can WINGS phases substitute for a flight review?
1 votes

Yes, but you still need a signoff from a CFI. My group of friends (and my CFI) use wings. I did that one year but I prefer flying the BFR because that's skill based. I still do wings credit courses ...

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