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Can you fly a light GA airplane into a major hub? What operational considerations are there if you do?
41 votes

My favourite entry in my logbook is 2013-08-02 KOSH-KORD 1.5 hrs – from Air Venture in Oshkosh straight into Chicago O'Hare, in a Cessna 172 :-) A friend of mine and I have flown into SFO (with our ...

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How far can airplanes glide?
11 votes

To give some concrete examples: A Cessna 172 might fly at 2000 ft for a short hop, or at 12500 ft for a longer cross-country flight. My rule of thumb is about 1.5 nautical miles glide per 1000 ft ...

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What is the difference between the airspace's classes (for non-pilots)?
8 votes

The answers given are correct for the USA. If you're in one of the other 199 (or so) countries, it's more likely that something closer to the original ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) ...

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Why is tailwind during final approach and landing so dangerous?
6 votes

As others have highlighted, the question is with what ground speed you touch down. You might think that plus/minus a few knots doesn't really matter, but: your kinetic energy is quadratic in speed: E ...

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What could reasonably be done in case 7,500 airplanes must be landed quickly?
5 votes

There's roundabout 400 paved runways over 2438 m (8000 ft) in the USA and EU, respectively, and about 200 or so in China and Russia, respectively, so that's about 1200. They are long enough to deal ...

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Can passenger movement in an airliner make it stall?
1 votes

I think it's a very interesting question (related one here). Let's look at an extreme example: For an airliner, if all pax and cabin crew move rapidly in a coordinated manner to the extreme aft or ...

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What is it like flying in class B airspace?
1 votes

Just to add a few observations to the excellent answers already given, particularly if you're aiming to land in Class B with a small GA plane in VFR: in my experience, you fly no standard traffic ...

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Should the pitching moment be up or down?
0 votes

the pitching moment is shown to be nose up Peter alluded to it in his answer, but let's explicate it: In the cases I have encountered, the clockwise (nose-up) circular arrow drawn just indicates the ...

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