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How could the Helios 522 passengers have survived so long without oxygen?
13 votes

Here is a list of those people who survived as stowaway in the unpressurized and extremely cold wheel well. On June 19, 2015 an unidentified male who was 24 years old survived 11(!!) hours in the ...

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Is there a height limit to national airspace?
6 votes

It should be also said that the actual limit is much lower and starts with 30 km. Even the current best Surface-to-Air Missiles have a height limit of approximately 25 km. Normal combat planes cannot ...

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Why don't commercial passenger safety videos ever explain policy instead of merely dictating it?
2 votes

There are some further answers not mentioned yet. They do not know the reason themselves. Many, many rules have a history when someone has made a discovery and shared his knowledge about it. People ...

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