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Can the A380 ferry an extra engine, like the 747?
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47 votes

One of the main reasons the 747 was given the ability to ferry an engine was due to the lack of large cargo aircraft available at the time. Don't forget the 747 was a major game changer when it came ...

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How can I tell apart an Airbus from a Boeing?
13 votes

Further to the above answers, at night Airbus aircraft can be identified due to their unique strobe flash sequences. While all other aircraft strobes flash once, Airbus strobes flash twice, i.e flash ...

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What are the basics of flying non-revenue?
12 votes

The exact procedures, policies and systems are going to vary depending on the airline, but the following is based on my non-rev experiences with a particular airline. Booking your flight and checking ...

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Why does the US President fly in an obsolete 747-200?
7 votes

While this question already has an answer as to why the VC-25 has not been replaced yet, it does not address the question of why the VC-25 was based off the 747-200 in the first place. As you mention,...

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How can the Antonov AN 225 only have 2 nose wheels?
2 votes

When an aircraft lands, the nose wheel remains elevated, and the main wheels touch down first. This results in a considerable impact on the runway as all of the weight of the aircraft hits the ground. ...

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How often is a passenger jet aircraft painted?
2 votes

Aircraft on the ground don't make money, so airlines only ever re-paint their aircraft when needed. It is a regulatory requirement that an aircraft undergoes a thorough inspection - a "D Check", ...

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How can I find aircraft and airline listing data for planespotting?
1 votes

You may wish to try PlaneLogger, which is an online site for logging your aircraft sightings. It has a large database similar to AirFleets, but allows you to mark off the aircraft as you seen them.

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Can old passenger airplanes be refitted with latest engines to extend their life and efficiency?
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While the design of aircraft may not look different to previous generations of aircraft, the technology behind them is vastly different, from lightweight carbon fibres, to far more aerodynamic wings. ...

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