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28 votes

Why shouldn't you inflate your life vest until you're outside the airplane?

26 votes

Why is the landing area of an aircraft carrier angled to port side, not starboard?

26 votes

Do I need to register my drone?

23 votes

Why are listed times of useful consciousness so low?

22 votes

Why don't airliners carry radar jamming technology or missile counter measures?

21 votes

Why do we no longer have a navigation officer on modern commercial flights?

19 votes

Can propeller driven aircraft sustain speeds at or above Mach 1?

19 votes

Why are predator drones being used over civilian California?

18 votes

Can flight data recorders be hacked?

18 votes

Does the ditching switch allow an A320 to float indefinitely?

16 votes

How would modern jet fighters engage and defeat prop driven fighters?

12 votes

How common are emergency landings for airliners? Is there really more than one per day at Heathrow?

11 votes

Could Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have sunk without leaving any floating wreckage?

9 votes

Can aircraft other than rockets go to space?

8 votes

How safe is the Boeing 737-800 in high winds?

7 votes

How does thrust reversal work on a jet engine, and when should it be used?

7 votes

What precautions should I take when flying over a mountain?

7 votes

Why are airships not more popular?

6 votes

Do flight tracking websites also track non-commercial and defense aircraft?

5 votes

Can small airplanes be towed (or carried) as cargo to be dropped at some other location by air?

4 votes

Why does the US President fly in an obsolete 747-200?

4 votes

My N number showed up on another plane's flight on FlightRadar24. How does that happen?

2 votes

Why don't commercial aircraft adopt a slightly more seaplane-like design to allow safer ditching in case of emergency?

1 vote

How much data do FDR and CVR generate on commercial jets?