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Here are some fun facts about me:

  • is my search engine, which I started building in 1997... before Google existed. My search bot has crawled over 1.5M+ URLs.
  • I earned my Eagle Scout Award in the B.S.A.
  • I've been building websites since 1996.
  • I've been writing code for nearly 30 years.

WOO-HOO! People like my answers! :)

  • "Best answer I have ever seen here!!" from this link
  • "Thanks Clomp. I got the tabs changed to a custom colour, following your answer. Really appreciate this, a prime example of a great answer." from this link
  • "Really good answer and back story :)" from this link
  • "THIS WORKED!!!! Thank you so much Clomp! I truly appreciate this!" from this link
  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much for this, such a huge help!!" from this link
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