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23 votes

What kind of problems can a flight have if passenger weight is miscalculated?

21 votes

What is the biggest airplane that does not need a paved runway?

18 votes

Is this photo showing dozens of airliners in close proximity real, or even plausible?

17 votes

Why are true headings followed above 73N in the northern hemisphere, whereas in the southern hemisphere the change is made at 60S?

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How do symmetrical airfoils generate lift?

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Why didn't Air India always fly DEL-SFO over the Pacific?

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Why does Logan Airport's Runway 32/14 only have arrivals on the 32 heading?

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Have any large aeroplanes been landed — safely and without damage — in locations that they could not be flown away from?

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Are there any places I can take an FAA written test in Japan?

5 votes

What effect would there be if the brakes were locked at touchdown?

4 votes

Are there any privately owned large commercial airports?

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Can I Restrict Commercial air Traffic above My Land for ordinary use and enjoyment?

2 votes

How many serious airline accidents have been caused by design faults alone?

1 vote

Are there any publicly owned airports in Canada?

1 vote

Who was the third person to fly a powered airplane?

0 votes

At which airports has the A380 landed?