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Peter Dietz
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Software Developer that has touched a lot of stacks, and learned a lot of languages. I love simple clean design, and I hate when things are more complex than they need to be.

Nowadays, I'm building a SaaS frontend in React, adding new APIs in python, and building Android/iOS shims that load the frontend in a webview.

Past lives involved:

  • Hosting multi-tenant opensource applications in Java/Spring/Tomcat/PSQL/ElasticSearch/SOLR
  • Building custom data repositories for higher education
  • Cranking out rapid application development custom apps in Ruby-On-Rails and Java Grails

One of my favorite interview questions to ask a candidate is "do you have a stack overflow account?", for all the things you figure out here, you've gotta give back by voting up things that are useful, and adding answers when you know something.

Okay... back to building cool stuff.

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