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28 votes

Why are airports in Greece blurred and low res in Google Maps?

27 votes

What prevents a commercial jet from electronically "resetting" the way a computer sometimes does?

20 votes

Would deploying the Space Shuttle's landing gear early have improved safety?

19 votes

Why aren't any wingsuits able to sustain flight?

17 votes

Why can't you ditch your aircraft in the sea?

17 votes

What do aircraft accident investigators do in between incidents?

11 votes

Why are Oscar, India, and X-Ray (O, I, and X) not used as taxiway identifiers?

10 votes

Why use a RAT when engines can windmill?

8 votes

Why did my plane descend nose down?

8 votes

Can two aircraft be allowed to stay on the same runway at the same time?

8 votes

How miraculous was the miracle on the Hudson?

7 votes

Why are traditional knobs not replaced by touchscreens in cockpits?

7 votes

Do unused parachutes need to be repacked? If so how often and why?

7 votes

How realistic is the plane scene in Captain America: The First Avenger?

6 votes

Can any aircraft adjust the wing dihedral in flight?

5 votes

What is the most 'environmentally friendly' way to learn to fly?

5 votes

Does the FlightRadar24 pose a risk to aviation security?

4 votes

Is it at all possible (or safe) to pursue a pilot's license with a history of mental illness?

4 votes

Why are most runways made of asphalt and not concrete?

4 votes

Why are in-flight entertainment systems not very evolved?

3 votes

Variable pitch propellers: Why are they constant speed too?

2 votes

Is it possible to integrate an AI CoPilot on existing planes?

1 vote

Do aircraft cabins have suspension?

0 votes

Is there an aviation career where I would help design an entire aircraft and its systems?

-3 votes

Why was the Vulcan bomber used for the Falklands raid?