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This site is terrible because it fails to achieve its goals because of zealous hypocrisy.

It is like those "zero-tolerance" policies at schools that ban "all" weapons to "protect innocent students" but when a kid brings a nail clipper to school he gets expelled. Hygiene device =/= weapon by nature, even if it can be used as one. I've been stabbed by a pencil; we aren't banning those now are we? So the zealous hypocrites, in an effort to protect innocents, hurt innocents. Good job, failures!

Same thing happens here except it involves people not thinking questions they don't personally have the answer to must not even be questions! So in an effort to have specific and high quality information (in the question/answer format)...they zealously vote down anything they don't want an answer to be found to because they don't already have the answer themselves. The egos are so big I can feel the gravitational pull through the internet.

Good job, failures!

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