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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions regarding aviation and aviators in the East African country of Ethiopia.
created Mar 19 at 1:24
× 4
For questions related to Boeing's Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System.
created Mar 15 at 18:08
× 2
A medium-size regional twinjet built by Fokker from 1986 until 1997.
created Mar 11 at 3:10
× 2
created Mar 10 at 15:21
created Mar 10 at 15:21
created Mar 9 at 8:06
A heavily-modified Boeing 747 variant used by Boeing to transport pieces of Boeing 787s from place to place.
created Mar 9 at 5:09
× 7
For questions about the use of multiple similar components to keep a single failure from being catastrophic.
created Mar 7 at 1:00
created Mar 4 at 23:06
created Mar 4 at 10:02
created Mar 4 at 10:02
× 4
A twin-turboprop STOL airliner originally built by de Havilland Canada and now by Viking Air, commonly used as a bush plane.
created Mar 4 at 4:48
× 2
A British World War II-era heavy bomber built from 1940 through 1946.
created Feb 28 at 6:45
× 6
Hinged panels that swing out to increase drag and slow down an aircraft.
created Feb 27 at 22:33
× 5
an acronym for "short takeoff and landing".
created Feb 23 at 18:40
× 9
Wings that fold at a hinge (typically upwards or backwards), usually to make the aircraft take up less space; typically used on carrier-based aircraft.
created Feb 23 at 5:24
created Feb 21 at 19:23
× 7
A situation where two or more aircraft collide in-flight, typically resulting in the destruction of all aircraft involved.
created Feb 21 at 4:01
created Feb 14 at 2:34
A four-engine turboprop airliner produced by Lockheed from 1957 until 1961, renowned for its extremely high takeoff and landing performance.
created Feb 14 at 1:41
× 4
Also known as runway excursion. A situation in which an aircraft runs off the end or side of a runway, typically during a landing or rejected takeoff.
created Feb 13 at 22:02
created Feb 10 at 16:58
created Feb 10 at 15:03