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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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created 20 hours ago
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Questions about the (currently-hypothetical) use of nuclear power for aircraft propulsion. Questions about reactor design in general are off-topic here.
created Jun 12 at 22:19
created Jun 10 at 13:47
A family of midsize-to-large business jets produced by Embraer since 2001.
created Jun 8 at 3:28
created Jun 4 at 2:50
created Jun 1 at 13:40
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A (usually) circular pad where helicopters take off and land; the helicopter equivalent of a runway.
created May 28 at 1:00
created May 23 at 15:08
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For aviation questions about the United States Marine Corps
created May 23 at 15:04
A four-engine heavy bomber produced by Boeing from 1942 through 1946; one of the last and biggest piston-engined bombers ever produced.
created May 17 at 16:33
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The B-17 Flying Fortress was a common American bomber in World War II. Use for questions specific to this aircraft.
created May 17 at 15:28
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A series of twin-engine regional propliners, also known as the "Convairliners"; over a thousand, in several variants, were produced by Convair from 1947 through 1954, and many still fly today.
created May 11 at 22:53
created May 11 at 0:08
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For questions about Sukhoi's 21st century regional jetliner.
created May 8 at 15:16