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Angle of attack AoA, aspect ratio A, and downwash deflection angle E, are linked by: sin E = 4 sin AoA/(2+A) Derivation here: Chris Waltham, Flight without Bernoulli


Is it correct to assume that, looking at the flow field closely around a wing, "traditional angle of attack" doesn't matter as much since the large induced flow velocities in front of the wing will make actual "aerodynamical" angle of attack, i.e. the angle at which the oncoming air actually hits the wing (as opposed to the angle between ...


downwash downstream of a wing induces a net angle of attack that is lower... So add in a horizontal stabilizer to your picture and raise and lower your AOA (you can drop flaps too). What is interesting is that, since the horizontal stabilizer is generally configured to produce negative lift (down force), the down wash will increase its negative AOA. When ...

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