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Does load factor affect roll rate?

All I have is this extract from the Embraer 190 SOP guiadance for the nose down upset recovery "It is important to reduce load factor while attempting to roll to wings level because it increases ...
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Is a wing lift distribution smooth in the presence of a prop?

It appears that at least in this case wings are designed without regard to propwash and the subsequent inefficiency is ignored or at least tolerated. it also changes the lift distribution of the wing ...
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What are some features of a wing, which effects its lift coefficient other than its sectional view?

Anhedral and dihedral have an effect by causing the vector of lift to be at a slight angle, inward (dihedral) or outward (anhedral). This would also have an effect on induced drag, as do winglets. As ...
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Why do the ailerons of this flying wing work oppositely compared to those of an airplane?

can you elaborate why this (adverse yaw) is more common on slow flying aircraft It may be a very good illustration of how Reynolds number can affect Lift to Drag ratios of airfoils and how Newtonian ...
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