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Three-blade propeller balancing

The most likely reasons you are experiencing this: The shaft is not exactly at the center of the propeller. The length of the propellers is slightly different. The density of the propellers is not ...
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What can happen if everyone congregates at the back of a parked plane?

Loading up the back of a plane can indeed cause it to tip backwards and come to rest on its over-rotation skid. For this reason, some planes actually come with a detachable strut that holds up the ...
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How reliable is the Airbus FAC calculated gross-weight?

This is old FMS. GWFK is AOA/FAC calculated, and used for Vls when landing. The GW in the lower ECAM is based on the figures you put in the FMS (fuel+ZFW). I believe the newer FMS gets Vls based on ...
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