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VTOL Propeller Sizing and Executing a transition from VTOL to Forward Flight mission profile

I cannot upvote the answer related to blade momentum theory due to my low reputation ;) but it is way to go. Moreover, the following paper may help you with your project:
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How does a VTOL mode work on a Harrier Jet?

The Harrier achieves vertical lift by having four thrust-vectoring nozzles positioned on the sides of the fuselage, coupled with one turbofan engine. Here's how the nozzles look on the actual fuselage:...
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Could a VTOL aircraft use a helipad for landing/taking off?

You mention air forces but don't specifically restrict the question to current military types, so considering commercial VTOL aircraft this is exactly what Joby and other air taxi companies are ...
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Could a VTOL aircraft use a helipad for landing/taking off?

Not necessarily The two key elements are aircraft mass, and how that mass is kept aloft. You can probably get a Chinook onto the landing pad of a cruise liner, but you would want to check first if the ...
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