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Why would a pilot ask the tower to turn the VASI off?

It could have been a flight instructor with a student that was becoming too reliant on the VASI's slope information for visual approaches to landing, and he wanted to force the student to do without.
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What does a white over red VASI indicate?

"White over red" isn't actually possible unless the VASI installation is badly off, or else if you're upside down on final. If the top lights are white, you're above their glidepath angle, and if the ...
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What does a white over red VASI indicate?

The VASI has two sets of lights that appear white or red based on the angle from which it is viewed. If the top light is white, it means that the aircraft if flying too high. If the bottom one is red, ...
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What is MEHT (minimum eye height over the threshold)?

The MEHT (Minimum Eye Height over Threshold) is composed of two values: the EWH (the eye to wheel height) plus the WTH (wheel to threshold height). Both values are for the aircraft in the approach ...
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