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When you say it affects V speeds, I assume you mean V1 (and possibly VR), but not V2. V1 is usually calculated from the balanced field length, which is where accelerate-stop-distance and accelerate-go-distance are the equal: (image source: boldmethod > Engine Failure On Takeoff: Do You Stop Or Go?) While the accelerate-go-distance will be unaffected, the ...


with inop anti- skid, application of full brake press may result in wheel lock, skid and aquaplaning in certain situations. ineffective braking would entail larger distances : TORR (Take off) or ASDR (reject take off). for the same field length, temp, elev and AUW you have to reduce v1/vr ratio which would in turn reduces V1. this is for safely stopping the ...


There is no one speed for V1. It’s dependent upon the loadout of the jet, as is Vr, Vref, etc. To be honest for that kind of a small business jet, a V1 of 200 KIAS is way too fast; the value is probably in the neighborhood of 110-120 KIAS with Vr around 130-135 KIAS.

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