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Engineless Blimp Navigation System

Navigating a blimp using only altitude control by exploiting varying wind directions at different altitudes is a feasible concept. To achieve this, it would be essential to obtain real-time wind ...
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Can we use leaf shutter mechanism as a drone dropping mechansim for payload weight of 3lbs?

No. Leaf shutters are designed for speed, not for supporting mechanical loads. Instead, just put a loop on the top of the payload. Put a pin through the loop. Retract the pin, in your case with a ...
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Engineless Blimp Navigation System

Yes, this gets into the question of off-board versus on-board far-field air data sensing capabilities. With regards to the latter, lidar systems have been studied. Alas, ttbomk, no practical, ...
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VTOL Propeller Sizing and Executing a transition from VTOL to Forward Flight mission profile

I cannot upvote the answer related to blade momentum theory due to my low reputation ;) but it is way to go. Moreover, the following paper may help you with your project:
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