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It appears to be a Rolls Royce Viper turbo jet engine made in 1966. The maker's mark (BSB) derives from Bristol Siddeley, formed from Armstrong Siddeley (the company that originally developed the engine) and Bristol Aero-engines. Bristol Siddeley were later taken over by Rolls Royce. Source: Wikipedia


It is because in a turboprop, almost all of the energy extracted by the engine turbines is used to run a propeller. So, it is all about how much power that is required to turn the propeller. To measure the amount of force required to rotate the propeller, we use a sensor to measure the amount of twisting force acting on the propeller shaft. This sensor is ...


I thought even the engine design would be a bit different depending on your application. For a pure turbojet, you want maximum thrust out the rear, so maximizing torque turning a shaft isn't the goal. On the other side of the spectrum, going past the turbo fan to the turbo prop or even max torque application like a turbine generator, you want to minimize ...

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