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Why will the pressure distribution of a swept wing promote stall?

The lift distribution is given by: $$l(\eta)=c_l(\eta)\,c(\eta)\,q$$ Where $\eta$ is the spanwise coordinate. The notation $l(\eta)$ is meant to emphasize that the local lift $l$ is a function of $\...
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A question on stalling and flat spin - in gliders

A spin is a quasistationary state in which the plane rapidly spins around a vertical axis, driven by lift differences between its wings. The spin axis is located close to the nose of the airplane, so ...
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A question on stalling and flat spin - in gliders

All aircraft, in fact anything with a wing, can stall that wing. A stall is simply the increase of angle of attack beyond a specific point. Not all stalls result in a spin. In fact, for the purpose of ...
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What happens in a stall during a slip?

A skidding turn is more prone to spins than a slipping turn, but you can enter a spin from a slip as well. In a slip, the high wing stalls first. This tends to roll the plane towards wings level. But ...
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