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Why would a ram air parachute need less brake input to stall at a higher altitude?

This may have to do with "reduced" flare abilities at higher density altitudes. Let's look at it this way: a lighter aircraft worries about excessive G's with full pitch application, whereas ...
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Why is the A330/A340's alpha-floor protection disabled above mach 0.53?

Try to see it this way: ALPHA FLOOR is a protection function of the AUTO THRUST SYSTEM, and it protects the aircraft from excessive speed decay. It does not primarily protect the aircraft from ...
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Why doesn't the A330/A340 have a stickshaker?

Having flown the 737 (with a stick shaker) and A320 (without a stick shaker) for several years, two things come to mind: The aural warning is VERY loud and distinct. I can hardly imagine that anyone ...
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