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A SID (Standard Instrument Departure) is a procedure for departing an airport and joining the airway structure. A STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) is a procedure from the airway structure onto an approach.

Flights under Instrument Flight Rules () are usually assigned a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) when departing an airport and a Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) when arriving at an airport. Not all airports use SIDs or STARs though.

Both procedures consist of a set of waypoints, optionally with altitude and/or speed restrictions, to organize the traffic flow in the area around the airport. A SID begins at the departure runway and ends at a waypoint where one or more airways can be joined. A STAR begins at such a waypoint and leads to an Initial Approach Fix (IAF), where an begins.

Use this tag for questions about the departure and arrival procedures. When specifically asking about departures, use instead.

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