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No, is the short answer. Aircraft generally only carry radios covering the bands they require as standard - i.e., those covering aviation communications and navigation. I have an airband transceiver here and it can't physically be tuned that high. As far as I know, the ones in the planes I fly are identical. I can't see any advantage in doing otherwise, as ...


In Canada, its normal for utility helicopters to be equipped with "agile*" 2m commercial band radios to communicate with the ground, often on a clients Licenced commercial radio channel. almost all oil/gas, forestry work, and firefighting relies on air to ground communications, usually to people without an aviation radio licence *agile refers to it ...


The Globaltuners site will allow you to tune their UK radios (subject to them being online) to the UK VOLMET frequencies if you really wanted. Whether this is technically "legal" or not is for you to decide ... it's not in the UK, but it's not enforced either.


There are a number of reasons using ADS-B's frequency as a carrier for voice communications isn't a great idea. There are a few issues and factors which I believe you're not taking into consideration which, once understood should illustrate why that is not a workable or desirable solution. First, I'm not going to address this in terms of the UAT system, the ...

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