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What happens in the flight deck at an airport with a complex taxiway system (like NY JFK, which has many multiple parallel taxiways and numerous wrong-turn traps) is the pilot taking the clearance will (should) write it down like a flight plan clearance before reading it back (it's a good idea to write down any clearance with more than 3 elements in it). ...


Yes, it's the same. An airport consists of one or several runways, one or several parking areas (aprons) and a number of taxiways connecting them. All runways and taxiways are uniquely named. When taxiing around the airport - be it from runway to parking, or vice versa, or between parking areas, hangars etc. - ATC instructs the pilot of the exact route to ...


Nothing. There is no possible world in which someone has the necessary training, knowledge, and experience to operate the complex communication equipment, yet doesn't know 121.5.


The reality of this situation is that there are no standards for dealing with a passenger flying an airliner. We can all come up with ideas of what a fighter pilot may do, but this isn't something that's written down and trained for by anybody.


Today, I took a \$300-\$400 (depending on sale) Bose 700 consumer headset into a Vans RV6A with the Lycoming O-360. I compared it in the same airplane to a Lightspeed Sierra $650 ANR headset whilst engine running. This is not a gimme comparison. The Sierra is very good. The Bose 700 was definitely not any worse than the Lightspeed on headphone noise ...

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