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Phalanx can track and destroy missile size and speed targets, so as long as the drone or UAV has sufficient radar cross section, there would be no reason why Palanx would be unable to engage them. The feasibility and utility of Phalanx, and similar systems against small drones and such is limited however. Imagine the risk of collateral damage if they were ...


Considering that these systems are tested against drones, then the answer is yes. The limitations on what is too small to engage for any particular system are likely classified.


RCS depends on the aspect presented to the radar source, so an aircraft can offer a low radar return from one angle and a large one from another. How much the RCS changes by depends on how much work went into optimizing the airframe from all sides. Since reduced RCS tends to be at odds with aerodynamic performance, not all sides of an aircraft will be ...

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